Over the last ten years Amelia has provided strategic planning, program design, grant writing and performance management support to a range of causes, businesses and nonprofit organizations. She completed undergraduate studies at Vassar College in Political Science while minoring in Mandarin and Africana Studies, and has a Master’s in Education from St. John’s University. She serves in the youth and mission departments of her church, Christian Cultural Center, Brooklyn campus.


Ruaa is a Master’s in Public Health student at New York University’s College of Global Public Health. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Iowa. She is committed to creating awareness about the links between Women’s Health and Mental Health in underrepresented populations through technology. Ruaa has a passion for advancing women’s health causes and creating stronger bonds between women globally. Her goal is to open a women’s health center in Sudan for women and children as a safe space that provides basic health access, education and empowerment.


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