.Laci Chisolm | Owner| Fit4Dance.

.Laci Chisolm | Owner| Fit4Dance.

Laci Chisolm is a womeneur with a deep passion to help others reach their highest potential.  Her dance studio, Fit4Dance, hosted a month-long WeDeliverPeriod drive for the clients of College and Community Fellowship.  The goal was to raise 30 donations - she and her clients met and far exceeded this goal!  63 packages and 2,828 individual items later let's hear from Laci:

1. Why did you decide to host a WeDeliverPeriod Drive?  Amelia told me about the project and I was interested in learning more. I asked questions about who the supplies were supporting and what the mission of the organization was. Amelia answered all of my questions and even sent me articles that helped me understand the need. I was learning about an issue I had didn't even know existed. Since my studio is predominately women, I knew it would be something they would also get behind.

2. What steps did you take to host a drive?  Amelia made a beautiful poster with information about the drive. I hung it up in the studio in several places. I posted about the drive on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I made videos of people coming in to donate. I took pictures of people donating. I put information about the drive in my e-newsletter. I also designated a space in the front of the studio for the donations to be stored. As the bin filled up, it became a conversation starter.

3. What was difficult/what was easy?  It was difficult trying to find a place to store all of our donations! (Which is a great thing of course!) I have a very loving group of people that support my studio. My family and friends from other states were mailing me packages. People from the street would stop in and ask about it and come back with a package. My clients were bringing in packages everyday. People were still donating up until the day Amelia came to pick them up!

4. How did your customers and clients respond to the effort? They were excited to give. They would bring them in person and even have them mailed. They read the articles I posted. It became a conversation starter. Moms and young daughters were bringing them in together.

5. Any advice or encouragement you'd offer to an individual, organization or business considering hosting a care packaging drive? You should definitely host a drive! Especially if you have influence in your community. Help spread light on this issue.